September 25, 2012

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The Timeless With Tina Tamura

Had the pleasure of spending the last remaining hot days of summer in Palm Springs with Tina Tamura this weekend. We celebrated a couple of birthdays and got down on some backyard-poolside Argentinean style BBQ. Short Ribs, Skirt Steak, Picanha, Blood Sausage, Pork Ribs, Argentinean Sausage, and Chicken Wings filled our bellies to our delight.

After Tina got nice and fat we were like, "lets go outside in the 102 degree heat and take some fat sweaty photos of you!".
Her response, "YOLO, lets go do this shit bitch." Oddly enough we somehow ended up with a decent photo session. I hope you guys agree!

Photos By:
Model: Tina Tamura