June 19, 2011

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Iggy Lopez is the man!! one of the most talented down to earth dudes i have ever met. Definitely one of the good guys in my book. Super dope!! I met Iggy a couple years back at Active skate shop in Long Beach. Since that day he became a really good friend and supporter of Markisa. Iggy holds it down. If you are ever in the Long Beach area feel free to stop by Active and say Hello. Aside from being an all around great dude. He is also a very talented Skater! He was featured on the Active Quarterly review not too long ago. Here is a quick glimpse of what Iggy Lopez is all about. (MP)


1. Hello my name is: Iggy Lopez
2. I am originally from: Los Angeles, CA
3. I currently reside: Huntington Beach, CA
4. I am: a hardworking, loyal, honest, passionate skateboarder just trying to keep the dream alive.
5. Things that catch my attention in life are: Real people, skateboarding, women, FOOD, and good times…did I mention FOOD already?!
6. My favorite color is: Purple/Yellow (LA Lakers) or Wht/Blue (LA Dodgers)
7. You can always catch me in: Active LB (my home away from home) running the shop, Blitz Distribution TF or Peak Park aka “DEMA Park” skating trying to learn some new razzle dazzle tricks, making sand angels at the beach, relaxing and having good times at my apartment aka “Casa de Lopez Residence” aka “The Sand Castle” with my roommate “Lopes”, or if it’s on the late night tip you can catch me at my good friends John-Michael Sanchez and Luis Guerrero spot Envy Ultra Lounge in Downtown Fullerton, CA watching the homie DJ Rey Spin on the ones and twos or catch me at Blackbull aka “The Bull” in Huntington Beach, CA.
8. My all time favorite movie is: It all depends on the mood I’m in. If I need a laugh probably the first Friday movie or Don’t Be A Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, if I’m feeling hood maybe Belly or GoodFellas.
9. My favorite thing to say is: “Ooooowwweeee!!” “Cheeeeeeee!!” “We’re here for a good time not a long time!”
10. I am a fan of: The Bernie Dance (YouTube if confused) http://youtube.com/watch?v=FmVDmar9pkc&sns=em
11. The craziest thing that ever happened to me is: My life itself. Everything from the time I was 15yrs old attending Buena Park High School and just skating everyday because I have a huge passion for skateboarding. Even though I had everyone telling me I was just wasting my time and that I would end up nowhere, all the way to the present time now where I’m 23yrs old manager of Active Long Beach while still skating hard as much as possible and having amazing supporting sponsors that help me out along the way. Everyday there’s always something new, fun. and exciting. All I have to say is…man life is good and there isn’t a second or day I take it for granted!
12. If I were the president of the United States of America I would: Just try to make everyone the happiest possible.
13. My all time favorite album is: Dr Dre Chronic 2001!!!
14. I am currently listening to: Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, Wu-Tang, Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Too Short, Suga Free, Al Green, Bob Marley, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Token Piff, and many many more!
15. At this very moment my “Swag” is:Fresh Sk8mafia Snapback, Crispy JSLV Tee, Perfect fitted Active Cash Denim, Nike SB Janoski’s (Blk/Blk), Worlds famous most comfortable Active socks, some bling for the wrist Nixon Watch “The Chronicle” (Woodgrain), and of course I never leave anywhere without my Markisa “Slimz” Wallet in my back pocket.
16. If I was given an all expense vacation package I would go to: Europe for the summer. Great skate spots, amazing beaches, and beautiful women need I say more!
17. I hate it when: Punk ass busters by killing my vibe!
18. If I were to chose between Floyd Mayweather or Manny the pound for pound champ of the world Pacquiao I would chose: Pacquiao without a doubt!
19. I’d like to shout out: my mom Maria, my dad Ignacio, my sister Jessica, my brother Adrian, the homie Charlie Herrera, Marlon Parungao and Jason Wakuzawa for always being good to me and for setting this interview up, Ryan Weber for guiding me the right way since I was a young buck, Keith Culver, Bill Keller, Travis Fischer, Josh Priebes, DC24, Jay Valencia, Josh Lopez, Oliver Flores, Steve Clare, Brown @ Kr3w/Supra, Brent Futagaki, Corey Cady, Active LB Crew, Sk8mafia….SM4L!, JSLV, Fury Trucks, Diamond, Nike SB, Nixon Watches, Markisa, Skate Sauce Wax, Active, DEMA
20. I am thankful for: My family, Life, All the great opportunities I’ve been given over the past few years, All the great motivating people I’ve met and have in my life, All the good and not so good experiences I’ve been through that has helped me become the person that I am today, and most of all I am thankful for skateboarding, which I owe it all to. Hands down if it wasn’t for skating I would not have everything that I have today. Only Lord knows what I would be doing!

Iggy thank you very much for always showing Markisa the love and support that you have been giving these past few years. Sincerely The Markisa Fam!