June 09, 2011

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Kidney Stones = NO JOKE!!

On Monday morning June 6th 2011 i experienced the worst pain of my life! On the way up from putting my shoes on i felt this strong sharp pain in my lower left back/side. It felt like the Hulk came down and punched me 1000 times. I instantly thought i threw out my back or pulled a muscle & needed to ice it rite away. I tried laying down, stretching, sitting, put tons of tiger balm on & took 5 advils but the pain kept getting worse. An hour later the pain was unbearable & i was freaking out! I knew something was obviously wrong and needed to go to the ER before i passed out. Luckily my mom was close by & took me in. When i arrived i checked in & took a urine test as it resulted with traces of blood. They brought me in, took my blood, hooked me up to the IV and gave me some pain meds. After all the tests & Cat scans it showed up that i had a kidney stone that was passing through from my left kidney into my Ureter which is a small tube that connects from the Kidney to the bladder. Doc said that once it passes through ill be all good. He gave me a cup that had a screen in it to try n catch the stone & a few hours later it sure came out. Everyone was asking if i was going to name it so I named it Sketchy, Sketchy the kidney stone haha. All in all im just glad that it wasnt anything worse. Who could of thought a stone the size of a crum could hurt so bad. You better believe ill be drinking way more water & eating less junk food:) DRINK LOTS OF WATER PEOPLE! Kidney stones is NO JOKE! - J-Wak