May 30, 2011

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Jamie Chung!

Growing up, Jamie Chung spent a lot of time learning: accelerated math, piano, golf. She got a degree in economics after taking a break from college to be on The Real World: San Diego in 2004. But of all the 28-year-old's skills, what most helped her acting career was being a Kappa Kappa Gamma — particularly on the set of 2009's Sorority Row. "You know how producers fine-tune things by bringing in an expert? I was that person," she says. "When they asked, 'Would we be doing this?' I'd say, 'No, there's always a secret handshake.'" In her most recent movies, though, Chung's sorority experience couldn't help her. For Sucker Punch, she had to learn how to fly a helicopter. And then for The Hangover Part II, she had to learn how to keep up with Zach Galifianakis — maybe the most impressive skill of all. Via Esquire