May 19, 2011

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A Night at Asher Roths

This past Monday we got to hang with Asher Roth , Dj Wreckineyez, Jason Salvador and Tef Dollaz in L.A. Definitely great times! These guys are some really down to earth regular human beings! We are very blessed to know these people, not only for what they do, but the general fact that they are REAL! Liven life and having fun. That’s what its all about. In the words of my good friend Dj Wreckineyez, “we all meet people for a reason” It was a great night with great people. We all jumped on the turn tables and gave our own rendition to scratching, we are definitely going to leave the scratching part up to Wreck!. The man got skills on the turn tables. From chirps, crabs, orbits, flares, beat juggling, he got it all. During the evening we even got some ping pong games going. Its been a while since ive played ping pong, but I had to show the homies who the 1997 Thompson Park city champion was. Tef Dollaz gave me a run for a little while, but i still came out victorious (ahahaha) Asher got game on the table for sure though. The only man in the night that put the Thompson Park city champ down on one game! Asher I want a rematch! Oh and Jason Salvador got some games in too. Now that’s a trooper right there not only was he injured but he was still slamming returns. It was so much fun, we even got to freestyle for a little while. All I can say is Asher got some skills, he can rap, I mean he can really rap. Off the top Delivery punch lines word play everything. The man is super creative with the rhyme. Im not talking just as a fan but also from an emcee’s point of view. The big homie Tef Dollaz, is a BEAST he says he don’t rap, but he sure got me fooled (haha). (Tef you the man homie) Big shouts to the homie Jason Wakuzawa for Filming the evenings events. The edit is legit!!!! (MP)

All I can say is nights like this is definitely worth remembering!!!!

Special Thanks goes out to Asher Roth, thank you for the hospitality, and Dj Wreckineyez, Jason Salvador, Tef Dollaz

From the Markisa Family THANK YOU!!