May 15, 2011

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Yesterday the homies stopped by to the crib in Fullerton to chill for a bit, it was Darryl of Pac Div, Sean G Pac Div, and Jason Madison. These are some of the coolest laid back dudes i know. Sean G is a really close personal friend of mine. He linked me up with Darryl and Jason Madison. We kicked it last night in the good old DTF (Downtown Fullerton) where we had some drinks, correction they had some drinks! ive been taking the sober route these days (hahaha) We went over to Envy night club (special thanks to Dj Rey) where the boys threw jump shots, free throws and a few minor layups to the better looking patrons of Envy night club. Lets just say these dudes dont play! Definitly some good times! until we went to the Commonwealth. Man let me start off by saying that Bouncers at the Commonwealth think they are superior over everyone there. We are definitely not going to be messen with Commonwealth for a min. The bouncers at the commonwealth definitly got a reality check as soon as the homies put them in their place. Lets just say Darryl means business and takes care of business literally. All in all aside from the minor set back we faced it was still a good night.

I am definitely looking forward to build with these guys in the very near future.
PAC DIV X MARKISA stay tuned. Great things to come!!! (MP)

Yo peep the homie Jason Madison's varsity lettermans jacket that NIKE made for him. "LA IS MY PLAYGROUND"
for all of you that dont know Jason Madison is a very talented Director. If you have seen the Pac Div "paper" video then you have def seen his work.