May 08, 2011

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Hello My Name Is w/ DJ WRECKINEYEZ

DJ WRECKINEYEZ!!! IS A BEAST. I am very fortunate to know this man right here. Wreck is one of the coolest down to earth dudes i know, also one of the illest dj's out right now. For all of you that don't know about Dj Wreckineyez he is Asher Roth's dj. He has toured and performed all over America and internationally. Check out his website at for upcoming events.(MP)

Here is a glimpse of what Dj Wreckineyez is about.

Hello my name is: Gregory Lucas Gaudreau aka "Dj Wreckineyez" bka "The
Sweet Potato Kaing!!!"

I am originally from: Ludlow, MA

I currently reside: Woodland Hills, CA

I am: A blessed, thankful human being, who is also a dork, DJ, former high
school teacher/B Boy, Eagle Scout, running man enthusiast, and the future
2014 Dipset Member of the Year

Things that catch my attention in life are: People who are humble, work
hard, passionate about what the do, and don't take anything for anything Dipset related...arcades...waterparks...beautiful
asian girls...and a ton of other things, but I can't think of any more right
now, because I'm 5 shots of tequilla in.

My favorite color is: I'm color blind...seriously though, don't really have
one...just am not a fan of pink.

You can always catch me in: A clean pair of underwear

My all time favorite movie is: Not really a movie person...but I loved City
of God and Beat Street.

My favorite thing to say is: WOO HAAA! and GNARLY!

I am a fan of: Sweet Potatoes, good music (way to many groups/artists to
name), the Philadelphia Eagles, BBQ anything, Dipset, Nick Van Exel, Rey
Ordonez, that special move that Rey Mysterio Jr. does off the ropes, my 5
year old niece's soccer team, Latarian Milton (the 6 year old kid who stole
his grandma's car and drove it 2 miles, before he crashed it), the "I like
Turtles Kid"...dope/well rounded dj's who can do everything...basically
anyone/anything that is talented/entertaining to me...damn, I could go on
forever...ohh yeah, and that dude named Daigo who had the amazing comeback
in the Evo 2004 Street Fighter that!

The craziest thing that ever happened to me was: Having a "fake" marriage
to a 35 year old woman with braces, in Vegas...or djing for one of my
favorite artists, Q Tip, in my first television appearance. The 5th and
FINAL time I ever got high in my life, I had a really bad trip out for 2
hours...thought I was dying. My whole body was shaking, and I started
crying. I saw Rick Ross's face, and then Jesus's face...thought I would
never shake the trip and was going to get put into a mental institution. It
was the craziest/scariest experience of my life. I'll never smoke weed
again. Ummm, one other thing....I once teleported to a wild jungle in
Afghanistan, where these little monkeys of the Macaque family were playing
ping was really weird...Alex Trebek was the referee. Now that I
think about it, maybe it was just a dream.

If I were the president of the United States of America I would: Try my
best to provide free/affordable health care and schooling...lower
taxes...and make Cam'ron my Vice President

My all time favorite album is: Little Brother - "The Listening"

I am currently listening to: Frank Ocean - "Novacane"

At this very moment my “Swag” is:
Just got laced with some dope Markisa gear...def am going to be rockin'
that...saw some of the new stuff coming out...super dope! (Much thanks to
Marlon and Jason Wakuzawa for the hook up!) I rock a lot of Black
Scale...really feeling their new cut & sew stuff. (Shout out to Mega,
Alfred, and Ruben for always looking out) I basically like wearing a lot of
clean/simple type of designs. Also shout out to Jubal for just lacing me
with some new Primitive gear...def been wearing all of that.

If I was given an all expense vacation package I would go to: some relaxing
island with my closest family and friends where we would BBQ, sip on pina
coladas, ride jet skis and play wiffle ball.

I hate it when: I see untalented/cocky people succeed because of politics,
and good people who work hard and are talented don't get the break they
deserve. I also can't stand un-trustworthy/un-loyal people who lie, or
people who take things for granted. On a side note, I can't stand when that
watery shit comes out of the ketchup bottle or when people don't take
showers/have body odor.

If I were to chose between Floyd Mayweather or Manny the pound for pound
champ of the world Pacquiao I would chose: Pacquiao (my girlfriend is
Filipina, and my roomate/his fam is half I have to root for
the Pac Man...hahaha) Seriously though, I would root for Manny. He's a

id like to shout out: Marlon Parungao @MMPGHW and Jason Wakuzawa Roth Boy Crew: @AsherRoth, @Jason Salvador @BrainBangley , homies @DjSeanG , @DrewByrd , @BlackScale , Jubal from
Primitive, @TefDollaz ...and @LukeChrisMuzik , @TdashRich (these 2 youngins
are the future of the music game...mixtape coming soon) Too many people too
name...I'm very fortunate to be around a lot of great/inspirational people.

I am thankful for: Everything