April 25, 2011

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This is the man riiigggghhhtt HERE!!! Yo if you dont know about the homie Nigel then you must be asleep!!! ahahah jk!! all jokes aside, Nigel Alexander is a good dude straight up. This man is one of the most talented people i have met behind a lens and a board! everyone else that knows Nigel, knows how this man can capture motion in an angle most cannot!! bottom line he makes what we watch look good! He got skills! i had the great pleasure to get to know Nigel a little better at a photo shoot a while back. i got to pick his brain a bit in conversation. We actually had a lot in common. (Nigel if your reading this, "THANKS ALOT MY MAN" for the words of wisdom) (MP)

dont forget to visit www.nkavids.com
here is a glimpse of what Nigel is about ENJOY

1. Hello my name is: Nigel K Alexander
2. I am originally from: Seattle Wa.
3. I currently reside: Rancho Palos Verdes Ca.
4. I am: An Extension of the Earths Conciousness, A blip in the existance of the Universe, Native American, Skateboarder, Artist, Film Maker, Nerd, Dork, I am what I am : ]
5. Things that catch my attention in life are: Wow !!!!! You-tube, Skateboarding, Boo Boo, The Sky, Fashion, Animals, Music, Interesting people, Pretty Girls, The Great Unknown, The Ocean, Dancing, Intelligent Life, The Bible – ALL OF THEM !!!!!! - , Apple, Movies, & Markisa
6. My favorite color is: If I have to pick 1 – Turqoise -
7. You can always catch me in: The Air
8. My all time favorite movie is: Top 3 – Life Is beautiful – The Social Network – The Sword in the Stone
9. My favorite thing to say is: TIGHT !!!!!!!
10. I am a fan of: Life
11. The craziest thing that ever happened to me was: A Close Encounter : ]
12. If I were the president of the United States of America I would: Make Health Care Free, Make Schooling Free, Teach People about Proper Nutrition, Make alcohol illegal, Make Weed legal, Focus on new Energy sources, Work on Foreign Relations, Make sure Capitalism Wasn't the focus of our lives : ]
13. My favorite skate spot is: Paul Rodriguez's New Private Skatepark
14. I am currently listening to: Empire Of The Sun
15. At this very moment my “Swag” is: The Hundreds Shorts, Primitive Tee, Nike SB Mid Top Dunk's
16. If I was given an all expense vacation package I would go to: Africa or Tibet
17. The last thing I filmed was: An interview with P-rod for ESPN
18. If I were to chose between Floyd Mayweather or Manny the pound for pound champ of the world Pacquiao I would chose: Manny
19. id like to shout out: Marlon, Dave from the Hundreds, J-Wak, P-rod, Boo Boo, Rainbow, Heaven, Nowl ;] , Nate, Mom, Dad, The Salas's, The Lamas's, Japan, Godzilla, Jesus, YHWH, You-tube, Facebook, Brian & Rob from Street League,
E.T. , The Angels – NOT THE BASEBALL TEAM - , The Colville Tribe, Daft Punk, The Primitive Family, Per, Canon, Panasonic, Woodward, Sal & Megan, Every Skater Who I have ever Filmed, My late Night Visitors, My Cats, The Stensgar Family, The Katich Family, Coachella, The World, The Universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. I am thankful for: Everything Good & Bad it's what has made me who I am.