April 22, 2011

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Hello My Name is w/ Paul Rodriguez!

1. Hello my name is Paul Rodriguez
2. I am originally from Northridge CA
3. I currently reside in Simi Valley CA
4. I am a Full time Skateboarder
5. I'm currently listening to Jay Z, T.I, Yelawolf, Nas, Lil Wayne
6. Things that catch my attention are anything interesting to my eyes
7. My all time favorite movie is I don't have on at this current moment but, The Bruce Lee movies are my favorite.
8. My favorite color is Whatever matches my shoes
9. You can always catch me in PR goods
10. My favorite saying is Thank God
11. I'm a fan of All my fans
12. The worst day or night of my life was when i wasn't skating
13. My most memorable run In with the law was nothing to craze. Just had cops sit us all down when we would get caught skating.
14. The last thing I did last night was watched t.v in the entertainment room.
15. I spend most of my time Shredding the streets
16. At this current moment my “SWAG” is Nike Sb, Plan B, Nixon, Incase, Markisa & Primitive.
17. If I were to chose between Floyd Mayweather or Many Pacquiao I would chose that's a tough one. No Comment.
18. I never leave the crib without my Balls
19. What I love the most is Jesus
20. I am thankful for All encompassing life