April 10, 2011

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Today i met up with my good friend Jason Wakuzawa, we hung out at Redondo Beach pier where we caught up on some good food, great atmosphere and our routine of just overly joking around. Jason is one of the chillest dudes i know, and very down to earth. Not only does he have talent on a board, but he is a very talented designer. If you have never had a chance to meet Jason, here is a quick glimps of what Jason is about. Enjoy. (MP)

1. Hello my name is Jason Wakuzawa
2. I am originally from Torrance Ca.
3. I currently reside in The best city Torrance
4. I am a Designer, Skateboarder, Full time Ninja, Turntable cutter, & Youtube whore
5. im currently listening to Wiz Khalifa, Kanye west, Lupe fiasco, Pac Div, Sean G mix tapes, Katy perry, Rhianna, Beatles, Mayor Hawthorne
6. things that catch my attention are Beautiful details in everyday life.
7. My all time favorite movie is The Social Network as of now. Ive never been more inspired. The new movie Limitless was really good too.
8. My favorite color is Black & Red.
9. You can always catch me in The Man Cave/Office.
10. My favorite saying is Think Positive! You never know when its your time to go.
11. Im a fan of Creative & Motivating People.
12. The worst day or night of my life was When I got held at gunpoint & robbed. Wrong Place at the wrong time
13. My most memorable run In with the law was Getting a fix it ticket for an exhaust & the cop gave me his buddies info to get it fixed then told me I can put it back on haha. Then the sherrif actually told me about his cool Magna Flow exhaust he put on his suburban lol
14. the last thing I did last night was Packed Orders, took aspirin, and watched I Love you man.
15. I spend most of my time Designing & Creating Markisa Goodies 
16. At this current moment my “SWAG” is Markisa Wallet, Primitive Hat, Nike Blazers, Obey Tee & Nike Jeans.
17. if I were to chose between floyd mayweather or many pacquiao I would chose. Many P. That dude is a trooper.
18. I never leave the crib without my Wallet ,iphone & Positive attitude
19. what I love the most is Being a creative individual along with Life & the friends n family that are in it
20. I am thankful for being healthy & having good peeps around me!