October 13, 2009

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Interview update with Paul Rodriguez.


Interview by Markisa Jason with Paul Rodriguez...

JasonSo what's goin on Paul?

Paul: Not much just hangin at the crib.

Jason: Yeah weather's kinda cruddy today eh?

Paul: Yeah today’s a gloomy day, kinda lazy day also. Skated hard yesterday so just takin it easy.

Jason: I hear that, everyone needs a break here n there. Where'd you guys skate?

Paul: We skated some picnic tables out in LA.

Jason: Who all skated and did any tricks go down?

Paul: Myself, TK & Hoopty. Also met up with this kid Philipe and some of his friends out there. Over all id say it was a good day.

Jason: Sick man. What do you usually do on your days off when your not skating?

Paul: On my days off when im not skating I just really try to relax cause I don’t usually take many days off. Usually if im sore ill take the day off and just hang out with the woman, play with the baby, might go see a movie tonight. Basically my focus is to become sore free as soon as possible so I just take it real easy on my days off.

Jason: Gotcha. Are their any upcoming events planned out for the next couple months?  

Paul: Leaving for the Dew tour this coming week in Orlando, then just strictly skate and focus for the Plan B vid.  So ill mostly be hittin the streets and try to make the best video part I can make.

Jason: Is there a rough estimate on when the video will be dropping?

Paul: Super rough estimate, most likely be toward the end of 2010.

Jason: Who are some of the people you look up to and get inspired by?

Paul: Well, coming up skating it was always Eric Koston, Tom Penny, Andrew Reynolds, Guy Mariano, Ronnie Creager, Daewon Song. Now days for some reason my minds shifted and to looking outside of skateboarding so now its guys like Jay-Z, Bruce Lee, Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, Lebron James, Micheal Jordan, the list goes on, even our president Obama, Lil Wayne, Nas, basically people who are the best at what they do. Most likely im interested in them and I wanna find out how they did it, what they did and just try to unlock the secret.

Jason: Cool. Any advice you wanna give out?

Paul: Study hard, work hard, discipline, dedication & practice will get you far in life.

Jason: Right on brotha! Thanks for your time and good luck in the Dew tour.

Paul: Fosho

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